Tree Frog From Stuart New Easter Bunny

Reid Friedson, PhD
4 min readApr 11, 2021

An amphibian residing in Stuart has just been named the 2021 Cadbury Easter bunny. You heard me right. A frog from Florida is stealing the spotlight from the Easter bunny. Her name is Betty and she’s very proud to have made it into television without a single acting lesson. This is unheard of in the acting world.

TV viewers across the United States will soon discover on TV the new Easter bunny is a frog with bunny ears. Critics question if anything is sacred anymore. This is ground-breaking on both sides of the pond.

The unprecedented role is even leaving casting directors in Hollywood scratching their heads. The Easter bunny frog is set to appear on screen wearing 3D-printed ears for her new starring role. Some of her friends may very well be jumping with jealousy if Betty’s acting career actually works out and it looks like it will. Industry insiders are wondering just how far this little amphibious trailblazer may end up going. Betty defintely has the “it” factor every model dreams of possessing with simply natural talent.

Betty the Australian white tree frog is no stranger to working on camera. She and her siblings already have quite a following on Instagram. When you are in the process of becoming a star, you never know who to trust. Betty may very well need to give Drew Barrymore a call so Betty can learn from someone who’s been there just how to deal with fame at such a young age. Betty the Australian white tree frog is only one (1) and she now makes her home in the Sunshine State and she seems quite happy about it.

Betty the tree frog is a loving little frog. Betty is so pluck and fun, she jumped right into her owner’s heart when they first met. Betty’s owner is a University of Central Florida student named Kaitlyn Vidal. Kaitlyn lives in Stuart when not away at UCF. Betty and Kaitlyn have been going viral online this week soaking up their new found fame after Betty was selected as this year’s Cadbury Easter bunny. She is the first amphibian to earn the prestigious bunny ears on behalf of the famed chocolate company whose sales skyrocket at Easter time from the sale of cream filled Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs. Even Cadbury is taking a chance on this new star who has caught everyone’s eye. There is also a very human side to Betty and her talents.

Betty is an emotional support animal. “I actually do suffer from anxiety and that’s another reason why we looked into getting a frog, even though it might seem silly. Any type of pet can have a positive impact on mental health, and I think having her has really helped me and my roommate just with our stress management,” Betty’s human owner Kaitlyn Vidal said.

Betty will appear in the Cadbury Clucking Bunny commercial. It is a nationwide spot and could lead to roles even Mark Tawin could not have forseen from his porch in Missouri. Kaitlyn will be receiving a $5,000 cash prize thanks to the camera just eating up little Betty’s cuteness. Stuart is very proud of her. All of Florida is proud of the little starlet making it big.

Betty’s owner Kaitlyn Vidal speaks here about winning the prestigious prize and becoming a national celebrity as the new Cadbury bunny. Cadbury is really going out on a limb here (pun intended) refusing to discriminate on the basis of species since both Betty and the Easter Bunny are traditionally seen as white. No DNA tests have been administered to determine if either of the species are mixed but some zoological experts believe it is possible since Betty is from Australia. .

Kaitlyn Vidal explains why the judges may have been swayed by Betty despite her tender age and lack of industry experience. “I think as soon as they saw a frog like this, I think they definitely wanted her, to be honest. I think even although she’s not a furry animal, she’s just very photogenic,” Vidal said. Betty never let her lack of hair stop her. If someone did, she might get froggy and jump. No TV executive wants a discrimination suit and when they saw Betty in action, the decision seemed crystal clear. Betty seems to shine and you can watch her shine from home.

Viewers across the country will soon see Betty on television wearing her signature 3D-printed ears in her new starring role. So sit right down on your lily pad and check this frog out when the commerical airs. She’s really going places. She has made a name for herself on social media. This will be Betty’s first starring role on television and word is Betty was a real pleasure to work with on set.

“The prize of $5,000 is really exciting” said Betty’s owner Kaitlyn Vidal. Vidal said of the prize money it “will all be going towards my grad school since I’ll be going to the University of Central Florida for my master’s [degree] this summer.” It seems Betty the Australian white tree frog and her owner are jumping for joy and they hope you enjoy her break-out performance.

Here’s a taste of Betty’s groundbreaking performance: Betty the Easter Bunny from Stuart (FL) Is A Frog


Stuart resident’s pet Australian White’s tree frog ‘Betty’ wins 2021 Cadbury Bunny Tryouts (



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