Constitutional Violations Disqualify DeSantis from Office and the Practice of Law

Reid Friedson, PhD
3 min readMar 3, 2023

In May of 1933, the racist and fascist Nazi regime under Adolf Hitler began burning and censoring “un-German” books such as those by Hemingway, Brecht, and Remarque.

The Nazi threat to Jewish and left-wing intellectuals ninety (90) years ago pushed the world’s leading scholars such as Einstein on an exodus from indoctrination, seizure of personal property, and murder of their right to think critically as leading academics.

In the State of Florida, students organized in 2023 against a state educational system that has led to the bottom for decades because it has been focused on elite Republican greed and power and discriminated against democratic truth and justice.

In multiple violations of his constitutional oath, DeSantis has censored state employees who refuse to enforce his documented lying and his unconstitutional, unethical, and unlawful decrees which defy scientific reason and the facts and laws of our state, nation, and world.

On February 23, 2023, students organized statewide to protest DeSantis’ educational policies that trespass on academic freedom and civil liberties in the State of Florida.

It is no coincidence after decades of horrendous treatment of Florida educators the Florida Department of Miseducation still brings up the rear on so many educational indicators including pay and faculty and student performance and retention.

I first taught Street Law, Debate, and World History as a Florida certified educator in 1987–88, the year I was awarded the Florida Blue Key for leadership. I refuse to teach for the State of Florida while ruled by greedy fascist bigots.

The Florida Department of Education might as well be renamed the Inquisition because, take it from a former federal investigator and terrorism analyst with decades of investigative expertise, the state educational agency covers-up facts and does some incredibly shoddy and biased investigative work even when provided objective facts, evidence, and law and yes they do it for money and autocratic control and profit instead of shared governance of our beloved community.

DeSantis' fascist Florida is censoring books and history to discriminate against anyone who opposes the Alt-Right.

Painful yet illuminating facts make people feel uncomfortable so they can grow. That is why history is written — to awaken those who sleep through its lessons. All history is prologue.

Diverse facts like genocides against basic human rights of various peoples must not only be documented by brave historians, but reconciled by principled educational policy leaders who teach all citizens to freely uphold our constitutions over arbitrary self-serving dictatorship.

As James Baldwin once said of the social contract in the United States: “I criticize America because I love her so.” Love means showing your state, nation, and world a better way to protect our beloved community.

Let us never forget it was out of the Nazi Holocaust (1933–45) that the modern laws of genocide were even first established as a prominent legal discipline by New York born now over 101 year old Florida resident Ben Ferencz who served as Patton’s leading war crimes investigator and chief Nuremberg prosecutor of mobile Nazi death squads.

Genocides have one thing in common. They start with the banning of folk wisdom and end in the murder of free thinking and debate and in the process violate constitutional protections on behalf of a corrupt dishonest political regime and its organized crimes against our constitutional order. First principles. Consult your constitutional oath and bar oath DeSantis because the People have questions.



Reid Friedson, PhD

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