Art and Science of Happiness During a Plague

You deserve to be happy. Let’s find out a few of the best ways you can achieve and maintain happiness from experts in the multi-disciplinary fields connected to psychology. Harvard University admits happiness remains the subject of its most popular course offering.

Everyone wants to and deserves to be happy. So let’s start with some of the premier thoughts on the subject of happiness. After all, you are what you think. Whether you remain positive can actually mean the difference between life and death esepcially during a plague.

The Dalai Lama instructs us in The Art of Happiness (1998) kindness, compassion, and love for all beings is the key to overcoming the inevitable pain and suffering of life. Conversely, hatred, anger, selfishness, greed, and violence have and always will destroy human beings. The Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of Buddhism, provides the reader with simple truisms to live spiritually per the Law of One even in violent times. The lesson here is remain positive and open to truth. Truth will set you free but how you view the truth is even more important. Being happy is an art and a science and it takes practice.

Spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being remain the spinal cord of character education. Character education must be self-imposed and instructed in schools, families, and workplaces. Where people’s illuminating thoughts and feelings are suppresed the social organism becomes diseased. Inspiration can come from within one’s self and from instruction and it can come from cultural institutions but with the barrage of infromation in social media we have many more choices for information especially when so many of us are forced to work from home during the current coronavirus pandemic. Buddha instructed us to puruse the sacred word, spiritual organizations, and truth in action. As the Hermetists and Jung the alchemist would say: “We perceive the workman thru the works.” Whatever you do reflects who you are. Do not forget this vital maxim. You are the cultural products you produce in easy and especially in hard times.

Internal truth is not simply what one perceives but what one knows. Truth is what we know works, and it is sustainable. Truth is essentially pragmatic. The ancient spiritual currency was once quality of consciousness. The modern emphasis has instead valued quantity. We must return to the principled lessons of the ancient which are proven timeless. We are simply producing poorly crafted junk that does not last. Our products reflect our state of mind and who we are. Producing such junk that does not last is not craftsmanship. It is greed.

Nature is the great text of the Divine Law and we must experience and respect it. Behind each art and science are universal laws awaiting our discovery. In “The Setting-Up of Mindfulness,” Buddha called for self-knowledge of one’s body, senses, feelings, and thoughts.” Without awareness of the holistic nature of life, we are fragmented. Make yourself aware of who you are and what makes up the parts of your environment. Remain in harmony with yourself and the Universe of which we are connected.

Wise teachers and students live on sincere love of truth especially in dangerous times. Such students become disciples and then initiates to mystery schools when they have learned to unify art and science with spirituality in the face of adversity. Mystery schools, academies, temples, and communities have long disseminated the arcana of spiritual arts and sciences to students of great character and attainment. The purpose of all knowledge is perfection of the soul not shallow materialism or wasteful gluttony. A symposium needs but two (2) souls to guide dialogue toward healing and transformation. Talk to each other and find common ground to elevate valuable and useful individual and cooperative industries.

Wise students prepare their souls to receive knowledge. They build their own capacity to know. Unshakable integrity is paramount. Discrimination, application, patience, moderation, detachment, and relaxation are values that come from the soul not possessions. The soul feeds the heart and mind. “Beautiful language” of the soul “has a ministry to perform.” There is no greater language than that of the universal field of spirituality and the Law of One.

As Buddhists teach, we must thru the deep spherical breathing in of prana break thru the illusion of separateness. Breathing is everything. Breathe deeply for ten seconds and then breathe out to purify your organic systems. Chinese medical doctors call this, even more importantly, cleansing the eight (8) electrical circuits. Creating such a unified field of spirituality creates the vehicle of ascension to activate emotional healing.

The Hindu siddhis (power) teach deep breathing is the way to manifest psychic power. But, it is love which is the co-requisite for healing yourself and others. Tikkun olam (Hebrew): “Heal yourself and the world.” Doctor Nostradamus who healed the dying during the Plague protected himself and still healed others using medicine and prophetic vision. Open your heart and lovingly connect thru meditation with the Earth, Heavens, the unified field of spirituality, and the Law of One as mystic scientists still do. Even scientifically trained National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronauts recognize the unified field of spirituality and the Law of One are the foundation stones of the New Age Temple known to scientific healers for millenia. Even Hippocrates was a holistic practitioner.

They key to the art and science of happiness is positive conditioning. Practice what you preach. There is a solution to every challenge so remember problems open the doors to creative and analytical solutions of the mind, spiriit, and body which overcome material obstacles. Health first. Vitamins especially C and D. Minerals. Fiber. Lots of water. Food and drink are medicine. Sunshine. Exercise. Meditate. Create. Do what you love. Love yourself and others. Do not allow anyone’s negativity or bad air or water to poison you. Relax. Breathe in deeply only the good and exhale long toxicity. Spread the word.

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